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The Emerald Isle – a phrase that truly captures Ireland’s charm. Yes, Ireland really does have forty shades of green, and an extremely hospitable people who speak a melodically poetic version of English (and Gaelic).

Whether traveling in the Republic of Ireland, exploring Northern Ireland, or choosing to visit both parts of the island, the scenery is sure to take your breath away. Majestic cliffs tower over the dramatic Atlantic coast dotted with enchanting multi-colored villages. Tranquil, sheep-dotted countryside gives a feeling of time standing still.

Both Ireland and Northern Ireland are lands of myths, legends and the gift of loquaciousness. Native storytellers entertain both locals and visitors alike with tales that are usually a blend of truth, folklore and pure, unashamed embellishment, a wonderfully creative tradition which dates back hundreds of years. Go on… enjoy a bit of the blarney as you relax in a pub with a glass of “the black stuff” and experience the famous hospitality.

Traditional music, Celtic crosses, and proud patriots are a grand part of what makes Ireland unique. On your luxury Irish vacation, you can enjoy a mixture of bustling cities like historic Dublin or rejuvenated Belfast, as well as towns and villages filled with charm and warmth and hospitality beyond compare. (Ask us about some of the unique experiences you won’t even find online for a special day or two within the country.)

Whether the north, south, or everything in between… Ireland’s magic will capture your heart and soul.


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A bit about Ireland

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When is the best time to visit Ireland and/or Northern Ireland?

The most popular times of year to travel to Ireland is typically May through September, but like England, almost any time of year is fantastic for visiting. To avoid the crowds, we suggest April or October, but special times of year such as Christmas and March (St Patrick’s Day) also offer experiences of a lifetime.

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Tell me about the currency

In the Republic of Ireland, which remains a part of the European Union (EU), the currency is the euro, abbreviated EUR and its symbol is €. One euro is made up of 100 cents. See the current euro exchange rate.

In Northern Ireland, which is a part of the United Kingdom, the currency is the pound sterling, abbreviated as GBP and its symbol is £. One pound is made up of one hundred pennies, or pence. See the current Northern Irish pound exchange rate.

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Language and People

The Irish have a saying, “There are no strangers, only friends you’ve yet to meet.” So, you will find that these are some of the friendliest people in the world with a welcoming, hospitable nature. The main language in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland is English, but in some parts of the country, you’ll find that Gaelic Celtic is frequently spoken. Typically, the Irish love to tell a tale. And while it will usually be factual, don’t be surprised if “a bit of the blarney” helps to enhance the storytelling. The pub is a common place to meet and chat with locals (Across the Pond will help you avoid the tourist traps!) and many a friendship is formed over a pint or a dram.

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