Welcome to the land of heather-clad mountains, single malt whisky, honored clans, the home of golf, and a fiercely proud people!

From the Highlands and Speyside, through historic Royal Deeside, and to the bustling streets of Edinburgh, Across the Pond Vacations’ luxury Scottish vacation packages offer something for everyone. The home of Celtic heritage dating back over five millennia, golfing on world class courses, iconic distilleries, and spectacular scenery only begin to summarize this country and its hearty and welcoming people.

Walk the legendary Old Course in the charming coastal town of St Andrews. Visit Stirling Castle and learn of the bravery of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. Sail along the long, dark Loch Ness and search its elusive creature. Sit in the heart of one of the beautiful glens and sip a single-malt Scotch whisky whilst reciting the poetry of “Rabbie” Burns. Explore the many isles, like Lewis and Harris, Skye, Arran, Mull, and more with stunning valleys and unique rock formations.

Majestic castles and histories of clans tell of a long and passionate history. Hospitable people speaking their intriguing brogue, kilt-clad bagpipers, and a strong sense of country pride contribute to Scotland’s appeal, as well. Come and discover your own history on a private, independent tour of Scotland. With 24/7 support, Across the Pond Vacations will custom-design the trip of a lifetime, just for you.

Loch Lomand

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A Scottish Adventure

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Family Luxury Scotland Adventure

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Luxury Scotland Grand Tour

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A bit about Scotland

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Our Destination Experts truly listen to what you want to experience, incorporate their expertise and tailor the ideal tour just for you.

Personalized service - you’ll always speak to a representative that is personally familiar with you and your journey. And, we provide 24/7 support during your travels… we’ve got you covered.

Excellence… we never aspire to anything less.

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When is the best time to visit Scotland?

The most popular times of year to travel to Scotland are May through September. If you love being around lots of other people and attending festivals, Edinburgh has a number of them occurring in August. August is also when you can see the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. If crowds aren’t your thing, late April into May and late September into October would be our suggestion. Be prepared for winter closures, however, as the weather (particularly in the north) closes down some of the places you may want to visit. It’s not uncommon to see snow in the winter, especially in the Scottish Highlands.

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Tell me about the currency

The Scottish currency is the pound sterling, abbreviated as GBP and its symbol is £. One pound is made up of one hundred pennies, or pence. Check with for the latest on the exchange rate.

Be advised, euros are not accepted in Scotland.

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Language and People

English is the main language spoken, but it wouldn’t be uncommon to hear Gaelic or Scots spoken, languages that date back centuries. The Scots are wonderful people who are typically very proud of being Scottish (make sure you don’t call them English). They have a long and sometimes turbulent history which they, quite rightly, honor. Sometimes, the Scottish accent can be quite strong (you may wish you had subtitles during a conversation), particularly in cities such as Glasgow.

A cup of tea or a wee dram (or two) are welcome accompaniments to any conversation with a Scot and odds are, the conversation will be a fascinating one.

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