Welcome to Wales! Or, as the locals say, “Croeso i Gymru!”

Wales is a proud and stunningly beautiful country, and the ideal place for a private, custom-designed tour. Wales is home to about 600 castles and castle ruins, many of which are open to visitors; from inspiring Caernarfon, where Prince Charles was invested as Prince of Wales, to the ruins of Raglan in the formerly industrial south. Hike the beautiful coastline trails. Taste cockles in the south. You can even hit speeds of over 100 mph on the world’s fastest zipline in the north.

Wales is truly a land of contrasts, with its sandy coves and dramatic sea cliffs, its verdant rolling valleys where sheep outnumber people more than 3 to 1, and where Wales’ highest mountain, Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa in Welsh) reaches for the sky.

The country’s rich cultural heritage boasts a long tradition of poets and “Male Voice Choirs” as well as festivals, such as Eisteddfod, the Hay-on-Wye Book Festival, and the Dylan Thomas Festival. A country often overlooked by tourists, you’ll find a hidden heaven on your tailor-made Wales vacation. A truly memorable get-away to be sure.


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A bit about Wales

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When is the best time to visit wales?

The most popular times of year to travel to Wales is May through September but Wales is great year-round. As the weather can be a bit gray and stormy along the coast, you may wish to avoid the colder winter months, but travel in April, May and October are ideal to avoid crowds.

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Tell me about the currency

The Welsh currency is the pound sterling, abbreviated as GBP and its symbol is £. One pound is made up of one hundred pennies, or pence. Check with for the latest on the exchange rate.

Be advised, Euros are not accepted in Wales… only pounds.

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Language and People

The first language spoken in Wales is Welsh, which differs from the other British Isles countries in which English is the first language spoken. Not to worry, however, as almost everyone in Wales speaks English and all signs are written first in Welsh, then in English.

The Welsh are typically very proud of being Welsh. The people are very friendly and are happy to show affection and hospitality. You will find the Welsh accent has an almost poetic "sing-song" like lilt to it. Like most of the other countries in the British Isles, the Welsh are happy to welcome visitors.

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