The Final Itinerary Binder Was So Detailed…

Rob and Tom on an Across the Pond Vacations Vacation

We are so thankful to you for putting this incredible trip together. In fact, we gave many other U.S. travelers your contact information during our trip! This was Rob’s first trip to England, and it was amazing! As fans of Tudor history and hauntings, you were able to find for us thing we’d never even heard of, and thoroughly enjoyed it all; from a stay at a real Tudor Castle-turned-5-star hotel, to visiting Hampton Court Palace, the Tower of London, and so much more! Our private ghost tour with Richard Jones was especially interesting. The final itinerary binder was so detailed and well-organized. Having things like prepaid attraction tickets, Oyster cards, airport transfers, etc. took all the stress out of vacationing. Your response to emails was fast and efficient. In short, your service is superior! You are the best!!!

~ Rob G. and Tom W., Bowie, MD

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