Travel Memories: The Vacation that Never Ends

The way you wear your hat, the way you sip your tea, the memory of all that, no they can’t take that away from me.

George and Ira Gershwin knew what they were talking about when they wrote that song! Memories cannot be taken away from us… and this is one of the most amazing aspects of travel whether they be “perfect” family vacations or otherwise.

As the owner of a travel planning company, the most rewarding part of my business is to receive positive client feedback because their experiences will not only stay in their memories for a lifetime, they will morph into wonderful stories that will be shared with friends and family. Sharing those memories is the gift we give others in addition to, for example, the miniature-sized Big Ben candy dispenser.

Owner of Across the Pond Vacations, Anne Marie Clarke at age 11

As a child, I was particularly lucky! I had a father who worked for a major airline in a position which allowed him (and our family) to travel… a lot! Although we frequently flew stand-by, more often than not, this meant last minute boarding and hence “suffering” through first-class flights! It also meant staying in some very nice hotels.

And, although I remember the nice flights and hotels, what I remember most is how we, as a family, were lucky enough to travel the world, and create memories! And today, the most precious of those memories are  the wonderful stories we still recall.

I remember the funny looking taxicabs on the wrong side of the road in London. I recall drinking champagne passed out to the entire audience by the theatre at a  West End London’s 1,000th performance of ‘Oliver!’. Our family still laughs today at how my, then, 14-year old brother (pictured above) killed mosquitoes on the ceiling in a Parador hotel in Spain, leaving Van’s® shoe prints all over that ceiling. (It looked like Fred Astaire had donned John’s shoes and performed his famous ceiling dance up there! It’s shameful today to admit we dirtied the hotel’s ceiling, I know… but it still cracks us all up!) I recall olive tree after olive tree driving throughout Spain – they seemed to go on  forever.

Trips to tropical Maui, cultural Mexico, friendly Denmark, and visiting family in Canada are imprinted forever in my mind and recalled with great affection. I have shared these delightful memories with my husband and many of my friends. And, should I ever have children, those memories will be passed on to them, hopefully before they retrace these steps of mine.

It is often not the locations themselves that create these incredible travel memories, but the experiences we are able to have while there. Removing ourselves from our everyday environment is so beneficial, and allowing memories to become a part of who we are is invaluable.

Whether you choose to travel to the British Isles, Ireland, Europe, the South Pole, or Timbuktu, embrace the opportunity to go! Because not only will you most likely experience a wonderful trip, you will be creating memories for yourself, your family, and your friends that are irreplaceable and last a lifetime.

For more information about creating your British and Irish  memories, call me at Across the Pond Vacations. I would love to help you begin the journey of a lifetime.

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