Emerging Hot Spots throughout the British Isles

Emerging Hot Spots throughout the British Isles lacock-village-700

Old villages are becoming quite the new ‘up and coming’ spots within the British Isles! Interest in Lacock Village has increased more than any other European destination recently. Famous as the setting to several Hollywood hits, such as Harry Potter, Emma, and Pride and Prejudice, Lacock is just four miles outside of Chippenham and offers […]

A Lifetime of Memories

A Lifetime of Memories England-2

A lifetime of memories for father and son. Across the Pond Vacations fed into my “obsessive planner” disorder wonderfully, and took away any trepidation I had about traveling in a foreign country with my 15-year old son. Across the Pond does a remarkable job of listening to your interests and recommending activities to suit. Though […]

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